Saturday, August 27, 2011

Shepherd's Pie

For tonight's dinner, I wanted to use up the rest of the leftover pork from when I made the San Francisco Pork a few days back.  I was having trouble coming up with ideas for a meal, so I googled something like leftover pulled pork recipes.  It brought me to a message board where someone had asked a similar question.  There were many suggestions, and the one I liked best was Shepherd's Pie.

I did a quick search for Shepherd's Pie recipes, and I found 2 that I based mine on:  the Simply Recipes version, and the For The Love Of Cooking version.  I made mashed potatoes (using the recipe from For The Love of Cooking), and then I started work on the meat.  I fried some onion and garlic in oil, then added the pulled pork.  Once it started heating up, I added some beef base, a little water, the juice from a can of mixed veggies, Worcestershire sauce, and thyme.   After that heated a while, I added the mixed veggies, and then a bit of cornstarch mixed with cold water to help thicken it up.  I then poured it into a pan, added the mashed potatoes to the top, and sprinkled on some chives and shredded cheese, and then popped it in the oven long enough to melt the cheese.  It was very good!  If I ever cook that San Francisco pork again, and have leftovers, this will be my go-to dish!

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