Saturday, March 31, 2012

Revolve Tour

We had such a great weekend at the Revolve Tour!  We got to the hotel last night, and had time for a late night swim...
We even had a midnight snack.
Isn't this a great looking group of girls?
Revolve Tour was held at The Riverbend Church, which has a beautiful, huge campus!
Isn't the fountain beautiful?
A group picture of the girls by the fountain!
Here was one of their neat rooms for communion.
Unfortunately, while we were waiting for the event to start, one of our girls had an injury, and we had to take her to the emergency room.  The doctor said the x-rays had a shadow on it, so they couldn't tell if she had a fracture or not.  She left on crutches, but was eager to get back to the conference.  What a trooper!
We got back to the conference relatively quickly, and entered the Riverbend Center for the Arts-what a great venue!
Jamie Grace performed, and our girls fell in love with her music-as did I!
Jenna Lucado Bishop spoke, and had a great message on dreaming big for God.  Here she is on roller blades! 
Stellar Kart performed, as well.  I love their music, and was happy to see them perform again.
I think everyone had a great time, and it was great to spend time bonding with our girls!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Austin Bound

Today the girls from our youth are headed to Austin for a retreat. We stopped in Waco for dinner, and are headed for the hotel now.  I am excited for what is to come!

Spring Run

Friday mornings are great!  If I can remember (which is maybe once a month), I go for a run in the morning.  I remembered this morning, and am so glad I did!  I decided to take a different route this morning for a change of scenery-and what a great decision!  I saw some pretty flowers along the way!  I hope I can remember next weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Job Change!

For the past two years, my job has been in accounts receivable.  It is a job that has come easy to me-I have been gifted with the ability to do this job well.  But on the downside, it is repetitive, and I miss ministry jobs that I had have in the past.  Three weeks ago, my former boss approached me and said that he has an opening for an admin role doing kids ministries.  And while I don't normally like change, I felt like this would be a great opportunity to get me doing something different, and get me back in a ministry role.  Long story, short, I am transitioning into my new role next week!  I am so excited for what the future holds!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Difficulties

March has been hard for my diet.  For starters I left my notebook at work over the first weekend, and while I still wrote everything down, I had to go back and write it in my notebook later.  And from the there I just stayed behind.  Still writing everything down, but not adding up calories until after the fact.  Last week I only got 2 days of exercise in instead of 3.  I am very close to milestone #2-twenty pounds.  In fact, I got there over the weekend and stayed there for a few days, but I am back up a pound again.  It is coming soon!  Motivation is not what it once was, but I am still making an effort.  I need to get everything caught up in my notebook so I can once again get back on track!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Winter Jam

Last night we took our Youth Group to Winter Jam.  Yes, I know it's not winter anymore.  I guess they had more stops than the winter allowed, so they carried over to spring.  It was such a blast!

We saw (in no particular order since the uploader jumbled them, lol):

Group 1 Crew
Our seats were directly above the artists's entrance to the stage, so we got to see them up close and personal!
 Illusionist Brock Gill did an underwater escape-from a clear coffin.
 Sanctus Real
 Skillet was by far the best band/show of the night!  Here they are with some smoke...unfortunately, the pictures with the fire effects didn't turn out.
 More Skillet...
 ...and more Skillet!
Here is illusionist Brock Gill again (his first performance actually), which was more like a magic trick.
 Building 429
 Kari Jobe...the main artist our youth group was wanting to see!
 Nick Hall was the speaker, and he gave a short message, followed by a call for salvation.
For King and Country came on stage long enough to introduce Peter Furler, but didn't perform.
 Peter Furler
I had to get another shot of Peter Furler because of his drummer-I don't know his name-but he is talented!
The night was amazing!  It has been a long time since I have been to a concert, and I am ready for my next one already!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

YP Retreat

Yesterday was the start of a Youth Pastor Retreat that my hubby and I attended.  It was amazing!  It was held at the Doubletree Hotel, and our room was on the 19th floor.  What a spectacular view!  Our room was facing north, so I am guessing those tall buildings way in the distance are Plano.
The worship was amazing-I love to get into the presence of the Lord without any distractions!  They also had some funny games at the beginning.  Then the speaker came up, and he had a great message.  It was good to get away, relax some, and have some fellowship with fellow youth pastors.  I am so grateful to belong to a church that encourages us get refueled by attending events like these.

Upper Greenville Avenue Food Options

Yesterday afternoon, we (my hubby and me) headed to the upper Greenville Avenue area of Dallas to attend a Youth Pastor Retreat.  Since check-in was at 5:30, and Dallas rush hour is never fun, we left early-before traffic got too bad.  This, of course, meant we arrived early-which was perfectly fine with us!  We checked out Central Market, and then had dinner at Royal Thai-one of our favorite restaurants in North Dallas. (The link is to another blog I wrote months ago-you can tell we love to go to these places!)  Here is a picture my hubby took of me out on the patio-the weather was perfect to enjoy dinner outside!
We both ordered the house salad-mostly because it comes with an amazing peanut dressing.  I am not much of a salad eater, but when this dressing is served, I will gladly eat up!  I had enjoyed a large lunch, so I did not order an entree, although I did pick at my hubby's plate-Royal Thai Beef-you really must visit this restaurant, and if you go-you must try this!

Hmmm...I was blogging about YP Retreat-funny how food always distracts me!  I guess this will just have to be a food blog, instead.  We checked in at the Doubletree, but the service didn't start until 7:30, so we decided to visit another of our favorite food places in north Dallas-Henk's.  It is a German bakery and restaurant.  We've never eaten in the restaurant here-it seems like we always forget about it until after we have eaten already-but we love checking out the bakery, and the chocolates and candies they have to offer!

Before leaving, we picked up a chocolate mousse for my friend who also happened to be stuck at the hotel doing registration.  It looked yummy, and she told me it was good.  I will definitely have to go back sometime when I'm hungry!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Campus Days Part 2

Yesterday we took our high school students to Campus Days.  They got to spend the night in the dorms with college students, and eat breakfast in the cafeteria today.  They also got to sit in on some classes, and attend chapel this morning-which, by the way, was a great service!

After that, we treated them to lunch, and then they could attend a few more classes before heading home.  I love to take students to Campus Days each year, and see their excitement for the future.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Campus Days

This weekend is Campus Days!  We got to offer our high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to visit a local college to experience college life, to decide if this is what they would like to do next.  Today our students have had the opportunity to go on a campus tour, eat dinner in the college cafeteria, attend a financial aid session, and watch Live-the colleges version of SNL skits.  After that there were tons of venues to choose from:  a block party, jazz band, dodge ball, soccer, and lots of other stuff.  The night ends with Late Night Worship, and then the students get to spend the night in a dorm.  There is a lot going on, but it gives them an accurate idea of all that the college has to offer.  I hope they are all having fun!  By the way, the "kissing booth" below was part of a skit-not something to experience-lol. :)

Hat & Scarf

I like hats.  A lot.  And I've been looking for an excuse to buy a new one.  No such excuse has showed up on  the home front, yet.  Luckily, my hubby bought me a new hat and matching scarf when he went out of town last week.  Perhaps he got my hint?  Smart man!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Youth Service Sermon

B's Texican

I had noticed a new restaurant pop up along 287 in Midlothian called B's Texican, and the name had my curiosity up.  I asked my husband to take me there sometime to try it out, so we went out earlier this week.

When we first stepped in, the first thing we noticed was the decor.  Red walls with brightly colored paintings covered much of the restaurant.  Other than the bright colors, the pictures didn't seem to carry any theme.

Next we walked to the counter to place our order. There was a family in front of us, but we probably waited about 5 minutes before their order had finished being taken, and the cashier was ready for us. I chose a green chile cheeseburger with waffle fries and a tea.  My husband chose the special-ribeye tacos with rice and beans, and he also added chips and queso and a tea.  Our total was just shy of $30.  I wasn't impressed with the pricing-if I have to go to a counter to order, then $30 is too much.

On to get our tea.  There were 2 tea containers, both filled with unsweet tea, but no sweet tea, which was a little surprising, especially since the only sodas they sold were bottled.  I filled my tea glass, and it tasted gross-that taste you get when they don't clean the nozzle regularly.  I poured it out, and refilled it with the tea from the other container.  Then we waited for our food.

And then we waited a little longer.  My hubby went to get a refill on his tea, but there was no sweetener left.  He went to the counter to ask for more.

And then we waited some more.

After almost 30 minutes, my husband asked the server who had been bringing food out to the tables if we could get the chips and queso.  (Seeing as they were a starter, we were a little surprised that we hadn't received them yet.)  She came out a minute later with all of our food and told us that they ran out of queso and had to make more.  She explained that they normally bring it out sooner.  Her response frustrated me, because I had observed her regularly bringing chips and queso out to the tables while we had waited.

My hubby said the queso was very thick.
 He enjoyed his tacos.
 My burger was great!  I really liked it a lot-not spicy at all-just great flavor from the green chiles!  The fries were cold-they had been sitting there a while.
I wish I had more positive things to say about B's Texican-I really wanted to like this restaurant.  There were just too many negatives to return here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Police Escort

My husband's uncle passed away over the weekend, and we were able to attend the funeral today.  He was a retired police officer with the Arlington Police Department, and so the police force played a large role in the funeral service.  It was such a touching service, in large part due to the police force.  You could feel the love he had from all those in the room.

After the funeral was over, there was a police motorcade to escort the family over twenty miles down the interstate to enjoy a meal which had been prepared for the family.  I have never been in a police motorcade before, but this was my view the whole time.
I must say, this was the first time in my life I have had a police officer following me with his lights on that I wasn't nervous.  Here, about half of the police officers stood for a picture.