Friday, August 26, 2011

C2 5K Week 7

Today I started Week 7 of Couch to 5K.  Each running day this week, I will run 2.5 miles.  I started with a nice 5 minute warm-up walk, and then took off running.  After just 1 block, I felt winded and out of breath (this doesn't usually happen until much later) and I contemplated quitting my run and trying again tomorrow.  I woke up this morning laying on my stomach-when I sleep this way, it seems to make my heart beat faster, and I tire more easily for a few hours.  I guess that was the cause of feeling winded so quickly.  Nevertheless, I decided to tough it out, and finish my run.

About half-way through, my left ankle started to hurt, but I determined that I had made it this far, and I was not going to quit.  I am so glad I didn't quit!  I was just as exhausted as my last run when I finished, but my time was 33:41 for 2.5 miles.  That is a 13:30 minute mile, which is a slight improvement even from my run 2 days ago!  I am so proud of myself for pushing through both the tiredness I was feeling, as well as the pain; but being able to beat my time despite that!

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