Monday, August 22, 2011

Bits of Encouragement

My phone is quickly wearing out-I am preparing for my upgrade, which will happen on September 1-and that day can't get here quick enough!  As part of preparation for getting rid of the phone, I am going through and deleting old stuff I am done with.  I have a memos app (that remind me of post-its) that I take sermon notes on, write down things I need to remember, and that type of thing.  I have been contemplating what to do with the sermon notes.  Some I have deleted, but others I have re-read and the points have spoken to me, and I hate to get rid of them!  So, here are the words of encouragement and other stuff that I might find helpful in the future, and you may too!

From Youth Camp Night 1, Madu, in a message titled "The Frustration of Freedom":
The enemy wants you to doubt your citizenship with God.  It is a process to get your behavior in line with your citizenship.
It is easier to walk in what is familiar than to walk by faith.

From church June 24, Pastor, in a message titled "Activities that Spiritual People Should be Involved In-Ministry":
Choose sides!  All are called; few are chosen.  Why?  Because they are faithful.

From church in Troy, Joyce, July 31, in a message titled "Cleaning Our Temple":
Praise God in the midst of everything.  Change your mindset to please God.
Just because something is permissible does not make it beneficial. (See 1 Corinthians 6:12)

From Youth, My hubby, August 3, in a sermon titled "Dust in the Wind":
Whatever you try to do apart from God is meaningless.  (Refer to Ecclesiastes 2)
Psalm 90 says we are given 70 years to live, but then it is appointed unto man once to die.  What are you going to do with your 70 years?  What do you do with/for Christ?

A friend posted this quote on facebook one day-I do not know anything about the author:
I refuse to allow apathy, complacency, and laziness to dominate a life that Jesus has so graciously blessed me with!-Perry Noble

From Youth, My hubby, August 10, in a sermon titled "No Man Can Serve 2 Masters":
What is your god?  The things you set your affection on.
The one you feed will grow.  The one you don't feed will die out.

From Youth Sunday School, Susan, August 21, in a message about oppression:
Moses prayed daily for relief from the oppression the Israelites faced.  What if he only prayed once, or for a week, and never again?  They would still be in Egypt.  Pray until you receive your answer!

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