Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Visit From My Mom

This summer I promised my mom we would come for a visit....and then my boys' schedules got in the way.  Since we couldn't go there, we flew her down here for a few days.  We had an enjoyable time!

Saturday we stopped at Barbec's, a local breakfast joint that boasts the best biscuits in Dallas.  I ordered the SOS since the biscuits were my whole reason for visiting.  They did not disappoint.  What did disappoint was my photography skills.  The pic I took was so blurry I am not sure you could identify what was on the plate.  We all loved the food-and the great prices!  

After that we stopped just down the road at the Dallas Arboretum.  I have been wanting to visit the arboretum for a long time, and I am really glad that when I finally got around to going, they were celebrating Autumn at the Arboretum.  Such a pretty time of year!

Aside from the pumpkins and gourds, the views of White Rock Lake were gorgeous as well!  The weather was ideal.  I am glad I finally got around to visiting this Dallas gem! 

We also ate a whole lot this weekend!  My hubby fired up the smoker, and he smoked pork ribs, pulled pork butt (and made some Carolina bbq sauce to go with it), and chicken leg quarters.  The boys wanted to take my mom to El Pollo Regio as well while she was here (she loves Mexican and always requests it when she comes to Texas); she ended up treating us for our birthdays this year there.  We went by the Dallas Farmer's Market, and she picked up a first for her...fresh (not dried) pintos.

Sunday after church we were having a special buckle series for kids (mini rodeo), and it was the first week of that.  Mom enjoyed getting to see the little kids participate.  My hubby got some great shots of the action!

We had a great visit, and she is already planning her next trip down.