Saturday, January 28, 2012

Together Training

Today we took several of our students to Denton for "Together Training".  The students we took were our "campus missionaries"-students who have committed to share Jesus on their school campuses.  This training was put on by Youth Alive, and they did a spectacular job.  I am not one who can sit though meetings all day long, but I was able to today-it was fast paced, and they kept changing things up every 30 minutes.  As leaders, we sat with our students for certain parts, and attended meetings of our own as well.  I love seeing our students catch the vision of reaching the lost for Christ-and I got another opportunity to see it first-hand today.

I left my phone at home today-oops!-so I didn't get any pictures during the day, but I did get a quick picture of the t-shirt from today's event, and the schedule cover.

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