Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Pizza on a Diet

There are several foods that have always been difficult to eat when counting calories:  Mexican food, Italian food, and pizza.  The main thing I have to remember when eating those things, though, is:  Moderation!

Today at work, there was a special luncheon, and we were served Pizza Hut pizza, salad, and dessert of pecan pie squares or cherry dump cake.  As soon as I heard pizza was being served, I knew I had to plan.  I checked out the website, and saw that thin-crust was my best option (no big surprise there).  We had lots of choices, so I chose the thin crust with just cheese.  If I am not on a diet, I go for the thick crusts and lots of pepperoni or meats.  I can be content with no toppings, but choosing the thin crust is a bit more difficult for me.  I made myself a big bowl of salad greens and broccoli, and filled up on that before enjoying my pizza.  It was enough to make me full.  When it was time to go for dessert, I chose not to eat any (233 calories in one piece of the pecan pie squares was just not worth it).  It was a decision that was made easier because most of the people at my table declined dessert as well due to health reasons. 
My typical lunch is 300 calories or less.  Today, even with the pizza, my total was 280 calories.  I am so glad I made wise choices!

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