Sunday, January 15, 2012

4 Days In

Today marks the 4th day of my diet.  I am very proud of myself so far.  Each day I have not gone over my 1200 calorie limit, regardless of what was being served that I had no control over.  There are times when I feel hungry, but it hasn't been unbearable.

One thing I have found that is different about this time around is the apple.  I am not much of a fruit eater.  It's not that I dislike fruit, it is just never my first choice.  However, I know that it is a good snack to help me feel full, and (in turn) eat less "bad calories" later.  I like the Golden Delicious variety, which has 80 calories.  I have found that if I have other varieties of apple, I would rather eat something else than the apple, but for some reason, Golden Delicious is the key for me!

I got a new notebook to write down all my calories, exercise, measurements, and any thoughts I have that might help me out.  I think the notebook was a vital part of weight loss last time, and I don't think it would work for me without the notebook.

As far as exercise, I have only used my Gazelle once.  I typically try to exercise every other day.  I should have exercised today based on that reasoning, but my back has been hurting me all day.  I know I need to improve in this area for sure in order for my diet to work.  My goal is to use the Gazelle tomorrow night after work.

Pushing forward!

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