Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Perseverance and a Mistake

Diet-wise, I thought today had been a pretty good day.  Wednesdays we never eat dinner at home-there is just not enough time.  So I knew we were headed to the Sonic drive-thru.  I had checked calorie counts before I went, and I was stoked (and also a little bewildered), that I was able to order a cheeseburger and tots.  I had really watched my calories all day, though, so I decided to enjoy my meal.  And enjoy it, I did!  Yum!  But later, when I went back to the website to get the fat grams, I realized I had made one detrimental mistake-I got my calorie count from the "calories from fat" column, not the "calorie" column.  Talk about frustration!  I ended up eating 1490 calories today-almost 300 calories over due to a mistake!  Boo!

Exercise-wise, it was not looking like a good day.  Today is my last day of the "week" (my diet weeks will start on Thursdays and end on Wednesdays because I initially started on a Thursday), and I had only exercised twice.  My goal is to exercise for 30 minutes, 3 times a week.  But I forgot to set my alarm for an early morning.  And since as soon as I get off work, it's time to get the boys and head to church, there is no time in the evening to exercise.  I don't usually get home until 9:30 or 10:00 on Wednesdays, and since I go to bed at 10:00, I don't even have time for my Gazelle.

But this was my very first week.  I can't not reach my goals the very first week!  And what about my "No Excuses" mentality I am trying to have?  So as soon as I got home from church (at 9:45), I quickly jumped on the Gazelle.  When I say quickly, it is no exaggeration.  I literally walked in the door, threw my purse down, and started right in.  I didn't even change my shoes, or my clothes.  That's right-I wore my boots and jeans!  And my tennis shoes were on the floor right next to the Gazelle.  In fact, I stared at them for most of my workout.  I almost quit after 20 minutes-after all, experts agree that 20 minutes is the minimum time recommended for weight loss-at least, that's what kept going through my head, anyhow.  But I knew that my goal was 30 minutes, so I made myself finish the workout.  It made me feel very proud of myself for finishing the week out right.  And my feet?  Yeah, my toes were killing me!  I am definitely wearing tennis shoes next time-not these!

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