Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mahi Mahi & Alligator

In case you haven't noticed, I like to eat a variety of foods.  I get bored quickly if I eat the same stuff over and over-so tonight when my hubby was taking me out on a date and he suggested RJ Gator's in Hurst, I was excited and ready to go!  RJ Gator's specializes in food from Florida, and has both alligator and mahi mahi on the menu several times.  I have eaten alligator on a handful of occasions, and it is really good-it tastes similar to chicken-not "fishy" at all.

What I couldn't recall having tried was mahi mahi, which is a dolphin fish-not to be confused with a dolphin.  I have had a few opportunities to try mahi mahi in the past, but I declined because I thought it was actual dolphin-for some reason it just didn't seem right to eat that.

So tonight I ordered the grilled mahi mahi, and my hubby ordered alligator prepared with Jamaican jerk.  We both ordered our food "Havana Banana" style-which means it is served with "Floribbean rice", black beans, and fried sweet plantains.  Here is a picture of our plates-my mahi mahi in the front, and his alligator in the back.

And a close-up of just the mahi mahi.  My fish was amazing!  It was prepared perfectly-and I'll definitely order it again someday.  There was just so much food, though-I could only eat about half of it.
While we were eating I even commented to my hubby that I love fish so much, I wondered why I don't eat more of it.  The problem is-if you go somewhere where they don't know how to prepare fish-it can taste kind of, well, fishy.  Red Lobster is a another place where the fish is really good.  But restaurants that don't specialize in seafood tend to turn me off to fish.  I had a fun night with my hubby, and I am glad I got the opportunity to try something new.

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