Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milestone #1!

I started my diet on January 12, and I had (and still have, for that matter!) in my mind that I would lose 60 pounds.  I am giving myself a year to complete this goal-which is just over a pound a week.  Of course, I know that I will lose weight faster in the beginning, and it will slow towards the end of the goal.  This morning when I stepped on the scale, it showed that I have lost exactly 10.0 pounds!  It took me 19 days to achieve this, and I am excited about that!  While I don't feel like my clothes fit me any differently just yet, I know that it will come!  I realize, also, that I am not consistently at a 10 pound weight loss-that is-at the end of the day, and tomorrow, my weight may be up more than that-I am looking forward to a consistent 10 and pushing to my next goal of 20 pounds lost!
By the way, I created this neat chart online at a kids website I found.  Click this link, if you need to create a graph for anything.  It has a wide variety of graphs to choose from.

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