Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Running Giveaway Winner

I follow lots of blogs on a wide variety of topics.  One of the blogs I follow is Secrets of a Running Mom, which (as I am sure you guessed by the name) is a blog written by a mom who runs.  The blogger is humorous and pokes fun at herself constantly.  She has had several giveaways in the past, and so far I have not won any.  Back at the beginning of the month, she posted a blog about some running mama bumper stickers that she was giving away, so I figured I would try to win one.

Imagine my excitement when she posted the winners, and my name was on the list!  I followed her instructions, and made my selection (I chose the 13.1 as I figured I would be way closer at achieving that goal than the 26.2).  My prize came in the mail today!  It feels so cool to win something!

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