Friday, January 27, 2012

Pizza Night

Both my husband and I were in the mood for pizza tonight.  After multiple times of ordering our favorite (Papa John's) and it taking over an hour to arrive, either to be cold or burnt, we decided to order our second favorite tonight-Pizza Hut.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier this week, pizza is a difficult food to eat on a diet.  So I visited the Pizza Hut nutrition webpage, and decided what to order:  the ham & pineapple thin crust pizza...with the amount of calories I had left for the day, I knew I could have 2 slices plus an apple.  They also had a few options for "Fit 'n Delicious" Pizza.  While it did have fewer calories, it was smaller pieces, so I decided to stick with my first choice.  I will definitely have to remember this option for future reference, though.
I think one of the reasons my diet is going to work is because I don't deny myself food that I am craving-I simply limit myself to how much of it I can eat.

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