Friday, January 6, 2012

If You're Not Moving, You're Not Losing

Motivation tends to be my biggest downfall in terms of losing weight.  I want to exercise and eat better, but I am not usually motivated to do so. My hubby and I decided that we need to lose weight, so we may as well do this together.  So far I have been successful at putting it off.  When I lost my weight before (50 or 60 pounds), I kept my motivation up for a long time.  One of the ways I did that was by keeping weight loss at the front of my mind.  I read weight loss books, looked at weight loss websites, and watched "The Biggest Loser".  My hubby DVR'd the first episode of this season for me the other day-he must have known I needed motivation!

As I was watching this episode, the contestants were in the midst of their very first workout, and they were being pushed harder than they have probably ever been pushed before.  They were ready to quit on the treadmill.  Then, one of the trainers shouted at to them, "If you're not moving, you're not losing."  This struck a chord with me.  If I want this to work, then I MUST get started!

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