Saturday, March 24, 2012

Upper Greenville Avenue Food Options

Yesterday afternoon, we (my hubby and me) headed to the upper Greenville Avenue area of Dallas to attend a Youth Pastor Retreat.  Since check-in was at 5:30, and Dallas rush hour is never fun, we left early-before traffic got too bad.  This, of course, meant we arrived early-which was perfectly fine with us!  We checked out Central Market, and then had dinner at Royal Thai-one of our favorite restaurants in North Dallas. (The link is to another blog I wrote months ago-you can tell we love to go to these places!)  Here is a picture my hubby took of me out on the patio-the weather was perfect to enjoy dinner outside!
We both ordered the house salad-mostly because it comes with an amazing peanut dressing.  I am not much of a salad eater, but when this dressing is served, I will gladly eat up!  I had enjoyed a large lunch, so I did not order an entree, although I did pick at my hubby's plate-Royal Thai Beef-you really must visit this restaurant, and if you go-you must try this!

Hmmm...I was blogging about YP Retreat-funny how food always distracts me!  I guess this will just have to be a food blog, instead.  We checked in at the Doubletree, but the service didn't start until 7:30, so we decided to visit another of our favorite food places in north Dallas-Henk's.  It is a German bakery and restaurant.  We've never eaten in the restaurant here-it seems like we always forget about it until after we have eaten already-but we love checking out the bakery, and the chocolates and candies they have to offer!

Before leaving, we picked up a chocolate mousse for my friend who also happened to be stuck at the hotel doing registration.  It looked yummy, and she told me it was good.  I will definitely have to go back sometime when I'm hungry!

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