Sunday, March 4, 2012


After our Church Ministries Convention was over, another couple invited us to get some dinner with them while we were out.  We decided on a local restaurant, Campuzano's, that serves Mexican food.

I wasn't particularly hungry, so I ordered the chicken fajita tacos-I figured they would re-heat well, so I could get another meal out of my order.  My hubby ordered fajitas, as did the other couple.  Once we ordered our food, the waiter asked us if we wanted to add another table to ours.  I thought that was a bit strange, but we added another table, giving us more space.  Once the food arrived, I understood why.  The portions were enormous!  We could have easily shared the fajitas, and still had leftovers.  It was pretty tasty, too.  Here is one of my leftover tacos:
It was great to go out with friends, and have a meal together!

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