Friday, March 9, 2012

Fish Tacos

In most cases, I am eager to try new foods.  I love all variety of cuisines.  But certain foods I just get stuck on, and can't bring myself to try.  Fish tacos is one such thing I just couldn't bring myself to try.  I love tacos-pretty much any way-beef, chicken, pork.  They are just great.  But fish?  On a taco?  Something just doesn't seem right about that combination.  I either want seafood or I want tacos.  But I don't want both together.

We love Fuzzy's Tacos-and the fact that there is one just down the road from our house and consistently good makes it a frequently visited restaurant.  So today as we were headed to Fuzzy's I decided that it was my day.  My son always gets the 2 taco plate with one shrimp taco and one fish taco.  If we have taught him to venture out and try new things, then how come I can't?

I ordered my usual-the 2 taco plate with black beans and rice, but this time I only got one pork taco so I could order a fish taco.  I had 2 choices of fish taco:  grilled or fried (tempura).  I chose the grilled.  At some places I have seen fish tacos, it looked like a whole fillet of fish had been placed on the taco.  At Fuzzy's, it was small pieces of fish that had been seasoned.  I was pleasantly surprised by the taste-it is something I would actually order again!  It's not quite good enough to be considered my new "usual", but I am glad that I now have an alternative when I am visiting any taco restaurant.

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