Monday, March 5, 2012

Pizza at Home

Last night we ran to the grocery store to get a few things-milk, lunch stuff, etc-and while there we realized we needed to get something for dinner since everything was in the freezer.  We decided on homemade pizza-something we haven't made in a while-I think since my sons birthday back in September.  We chose all the ingredients, but as we were getting in line to check out, we both decided that we weren't very hungry, and didn't feel like cooking anyhow.  We had a leftover night instead.

Having everything to make pizza turned out perfectly since we happened to be having one of our former pastors over for dinner tonight while he is in town.  The pizza was perfect!  My hubby always makes his own crust, but he did something a little different this time-I'm not sure what-but it was so good!  As my usual self, I forgot to take a picture of the pizza until after it was put in the fridge to cool off.  Just know it looked way better than the picture lets on!

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