Friday, March 2, 2012

No Trespassing?

Part of the fun of letterboxing for me is the sense of community you feel among fellow letterboxers.  I have never been to a gathering, but I have been a member of an e-group of letterboxers for several years.  I enjoy going letterboxing, but I also feel a sense of responsibility to help out other letterboxers from time to time-not just to take from it, but also to give back.

Fast forward to this week.  Remember the factory that burned down?  Well, that company has been looking for a new location for quite some time-which makes me happy-it gets all those chemicals further from my house.  I found out this week that about a month ago they purchased some land and buildings on the outskirts of town-land which has been vacant for quite some time-which has endured quite a bit of vandalism.  This particular location is home to one of the first letterboxes I have ever found.  The letterbox itself is located around the edge of the property, a bit secluded from the buildings, but now that the current company is fixing up the place, I looked up the letterbox clue to let the planter be aware of the construction underway.

What I discovered was that the planter of this particular letterbox was a lady who had passed away.  I remember reading about her on my e-group when she passed; she seemed to have quite a wonderful reputation among this group.  So since she could not be contacted, I put a message on the e-group to let them know about the current situation, and what should be done about it.  As usual, there were varying opinions about how to handle this.  I ended up saying I would stop by the location this week, and if I felt it was in immediate danger, I would remove it, or, if not, I would report back to the group what I found.

I stopped by this morning, and here is what I found:  No Trespassing/Private Property signs.  The letterbox is located at the bridge by the lightpole on the far right.  The buildings are to the left of this picture, blocked off by locked fences, which meant there was no way for me to get into the parking lot.  Inside of the fence were tons of work trucks, and people busy with repairs/renovations.
I got back on the road and drove around to the other side of the building-more Private Property/No Trespassing signs on either side of the driveway with locked fencing.
And then I drove around the the very back of the building.  Another locked fence, but this time with no signs.
Here is a view just to my left of the exact same location.  In this shot, the letterbox would be located near the center of the picture somewhat near one of the lightpoles.
I felt like the letterbox itself was not in immediate danger-the work crews were confined to the fenced in area.  I also didn't want to get out and get in trouble for trespassing.  My hope is that this letterbox can continue to survive in this location.  I guess only time will tell.

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