Saturday, March 31, 2012

Revolve Tour

We had such a great weekend at the Revolve Tour!  We got to the hotel last night, and had time for a late night swim...
We even had a midnight snack.
Isn't this a great looking group of girls?
Revolve Tour was held at The Riverbend Church, which has a beautiful, huge campus!
Isn't the fountain beautiful?
A group picture of the girls by the fountain!
Here was one of their neat rooms for communion.
Unfortunately, while we were waiting for the event to start, one of our girls had an injury, and we had to take her to the emergency room.  The doctor said the x-rays had a shadow on it, so they couldn't tell if she had a fracture or not.  She left on crutches, but was eager to get back to the conference.  What a trooper!
We got back to the conference relatively quickly, and entered the Riverbend Center for the Arts-what a great venue!
Jamie Grace performed, and our girls fell in love with her music-as did I!
Jenna Lucado Bishop spoke, and had a great message on dreaming big for God.  Here she is on roller blades! 
Stellar Kart performed, as well.  I love their music, and was happy to see them perform again.
I think everyone had a great time, and it was great to spend time bonding with our girls!

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