Wednesday, March 21, 2012

B's Texican

I had noticed a new restaurant pop up along 287 in Midlothian called B's Texican, and the name had my curiosity up.  I asked my husband to take me there sometime to try it out, so we went out earlier this week.

When we first stepped in, the first thing we noticed was the decor.  Red walls with brightly colored paintings covered much of the restaurant.  Other than the bright colors, the pictures didn't seem to carry any theme.

Next we walked to the counter to place our order. There was a family in front of us, but we probably waited about 5 minutes before their order had finished being taken, and the cashier was ready for us. I chose a green chile cheeseburger with waffle fries and a tea.  My husband chose the special-ribeye tacos with rice and beans, and he also added chips and queso and a tea.  Our total was just shy of $30.  I wasn't impressed with the pricing-if I have to go to a counter to order, then $30 is too much.

On to get our tea.  There were 2 tea containers, both filled with unsweet tea, but no sweet tea, which was a little surprising, especially since the only sodas they sold were bottled.  I filled my tea glass, and it tasted gross-that taste you get when they don't clean the nozzle regularly.  I poured it out, and refilled it with the tea from the other container.  Then we waited for our food.

And then we waited a little longer.  My hubby went to get a refill on his tea, but there was no sweetener left.  He went to the counter to ask for more.

And then we waited some more.

After almost 30 minutes, my husband asked the server who had been bringing food out to the tables if we could get the chips and queso.  (Seeing as they were a starter, we were a little surprised that we hadn't received them yet.)  She came out a minute later with all of our food and told us that they ran out of queso and had to make more.  She explained that they normally bring it out sooner.  Her response frustrated me, because I had observed her regularly bringing chips and queso out to the tables while we had waited.

My hubby said the queso was very thick.
 He enjoyed his tacos.
 My burger was great!  I really liked it a lot-not spicy at all-just great flavor from the green chiles!  The fries were cold-they had been sitting there a while.
I wish I had more positive things to say about B's Texican-I really wanted to like this restaurant.  There were just too many negatives to return here.

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