Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Coolest Soda Machine Ever

Yesterday, I told my oldest son he could choose where to stop for dinner on the way to church.  He almost immediately said "Firehouse Subs".  And he said it with enthusiasm.  For my oldest to say anything with enthusiasm means something.  He is usually pretty easy-going, laid back, anything will make him happy.  So I was a bit surprised by his response.  Don't get me wrong, Firehouse Subs are great-I mean really great, but I just had a hard time understanding where his enthusiasm was coming from.  Then he told me.

He said he likes their soda machine.

Come again?  What?

You are super excited because you want to go to a restaurant to eat dinner because you like their soda machine?

Really?  It's not because their subs taste so good?  Or the cool sounding menu items they have like the "Hook and Ladder Sub" or the "Engineer Sub"?  Or the huge variety of hot sauces to choose from on the counter?  Or even the fact that with every purchase a certain amount of the funds go back to firemen around America?  It's the cool soda machine.  "The soda machine of the future", as he called it.

This soda machine has a touch screen-you just make your selection on the screen, and choose what (if any) flavors to add to your drink, and then fill up your cup as usual.  The major difference I saw (other than the obvious touch screen), was the large variety of sodas they offered-probably 20 or more options-where a typical restaurant only offers 8-10.

Yes, here it is-the whole reason my son chose Firehouse:
 And here is the reason I readily agreed-the great tasting subs!

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