Monday, March 12, 2012

A Raccoon and a Bunny

It is Spring Break!  And despite the cold weather we had this weekend, Sunday afternoon it warmed up nicely!  Today was beautiful as well!  I am looking forward to many beautiful days ahead!  On account of it being Spring Break, and the weather being so gorgeous, I figured it was a great day to search for a couple letterboxes.  I headed to Walnut Creek Linear Park in Mansfield for a couple that I had not found yet.

The park was full.  Extremely full.  I had to drive around in the parking lot 2 or 3 times before I could find a spot.  I almost decided letterboxing was a bad idea today because there were so many people.  But then I changed my mind.  I realized that most people would be in the park itself, as opposed to the trails.  That proved to be pretty accurate.  The trails had people out and about, but not enough that I would risk giving away a location.

The two boxes I was looking for in this park had the same basic starting point:  Marker W5052 after Jeffryes Crossing.  From this point I quickly located the Raccoon.  The outer bag was full of water. Thankfully the letterbox was wrapped in 3 or 4 ziplocs, so the logbook and stamp were dry.

My next search was for Bunny and Bunny (a series of 2 boxes). When I packed my logbook, stamp, and ink to head letterboxing, my goal was to pack light.  I didn`t think to grab my compass, but the clue said to take a reading of 95 degrees.  I was glad I had a compass app on my phone for such a time as this!

I quickly located the first bunny, and went in search of the second bunny.  Unfortunately, all I could find of the 2nd bunny was a lid.  It felt good to be out on the trail again after over 2 months of avoiding it due to temps below the 60`s, rain, and general busy-ness. I hope to go out again soon.

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