Saturday, October 1, 2011

Central Market and Royal Thai

It seems like whenever my hubby and I have free time we head to Central Market.  Since he is a chef (and because I like food so much), it is just an obvious place to go.  We enjoyed our free samples today-apple, pineapple, several breads, an aged cheddar, lemonade, and a yummy chicken and green chile dip.

One thing I look forward to in the fall is the variety of pumpkin flavored treats available.  We purchased maple pumpkin butter, pumpkin pancake mix, and pumpkin pie soda.  I am looking forward to trying each of these!  We also picked up some apple butter, ginger ale, and some Italian seasonings for bread.  I might add that the ginger ale is very tasty-extra dry and not sweet at all.

When we were finished at Central Market, it was dinner time.  We chose to eat at Royal Thai. I had Chicken Cashew Delight:  chicken breast tossed with cashews, onion, baby corn, carrot, and a few chili peppers.  It was served over jasmine rice.  Delicious, and I got to take the leftovers home for later!  My hubby enjoyed the Royal Thai Beef-beef with onions in a sauce over jasmine rice, and a house salad with a peanut dressing that Thai restaurants are known for.  It was an enjoyable evening.

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