Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Reflection

Over the past few weeks, there has been much to read on thankfulness in preparation for the Thanksgiving season.  The blog I have enjoyed the most was written by Jimmy White, a pastor I worked for a few years ago. Dr J's Blog titled "A Sane Question From An Insane Man"

Here is an excerpt:

  • Thank God for the children who ran away from home and returned, but don’t forget to thank God for the ones who didn’t.
  • Thank God for the people whom God has healed of debilitating and death dealing diseases, but thank also God for the many who have never been diagnoses with such diseases.
  • Thank God for marriages that have fallen apart and been put back together again, but don’t forget to thank God for the marriages that have stood the test of time and continue triumphantly and happily.
  • Thank God for families who have suffered from horrible car wrecks and walked away with little or no permanent injuries, but don’t forget to thank God for sparing most of us from such tragedies.
  • Thank God for people who have miraculous provisions to feed them when their pantry was empty, but let us never fail to be constantly thankful who have never known the panic of having nothing to eat.
  • Thank God for missionaries who span the globe carrying the glorious Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but do not fail to express gratitude to the pastors everywhere who stay at home and feed the flock week after week.
  • Thank God for the times when people have found employment when they had no job at all, but we must equally thank God for the jobs that was never lost at all.
  • Thank God for orphans who have found a home, but we should also thank God that our children have never known what it would be like to have no home to call their own.
  • Thank God for drug addicts that have been set free by Divine deliverance, but never fail to thank God for those who have never been made captive of illegal drugs.

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