Saturday, November 26, 2011

Box Maintenance

Today my boys and I went to do some Letterbox maintenance.  This is an important part of letterboxing that I don't hear about too often.  If you simply plant a letterbox, and never return to it to check on it, you have basically left litter behind.  It is important also to keep your letterbox in good condition.  Not everyone will care for your letterbox the same way you do by sealing your ziplocs and box properly.  If it then rains, it can ruin the logbook.  Sometimes the ziplocs will have acquired holes and need to be replaced, and after a long time, the logbook will need to be replaced as well.

Unfortunately with the cold wind blowing, my ears started aching, and I didn't want to stay out in that weather and make myself sick.  So, we could only do maintenance on one box today.  I really enjoyed seeing the leaves Fall colors while we were out.

I always like to see the signature stamps that letterboxers have designed and stamped into logbooks. 

We saw an enormous tree that had fallen while we were out, too.  I couldn't believe how huge the hollow trunk was!
I was glad to find this particular letterbox still in excellent condition.

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