Monday, November 28, 2011

Just Do What's Right

I get a daily devotional from Our Daily Bread in my email.  It is written by a variety of authors, so each day I enjoy getting different perspectives.  Today's devotional is titled "Just Do What's Right" by Joe Stowell, and it really spoke to me. Here is a (rather large) excerpt from today's devotional:

On a trip out of the country, I happened to meet an attorney who was from my hometown in New Jersey. We were surprised at how much we had in common. In the course of the conversation, he asked, “Did you say your name was Stillwell?” I said, “No, it’s Stowell.” He then mentioned that he had a client named Stillwell. “Is it Art Stillwell?” I asked, and, to my surprise, he said yes. Art Stillwell attended my church and was an influential businessman in the community.
The attorney admitted that he had no client quite like Art. He explained that most of his clients want him to do whatever it takes to get them out of their problems, but Art was different. Whenever he asked Art what to do in any given situation, Art always replied, “Just do what’s right!” Obviously it had made an impression on the attorney.

This is such a great reminder to me that while it may be easier to do certain things, I should always do what is right in God's eyes.  The scripture reference was from Philippians 2:15:  That you may become . . . children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.

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