Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Infinity T-shirt Scarf

The more time I spend at pinterest, the more creative I seem to become.  The past couple years I have been starting to wear scarves as an accessory, rather than only as a way to stay warm.  The problem is, I think it is ridiculous to spend more than $10 on a small piece of fabric.  But since I don't know how to sew, my options have been limited.  Pinterest has opened my mind to turning an old t-shirt into a scarf.  I have found several tutorials, most of them using extra large t-shirts-which I don't have on hand.  I did, however finally find a tutorial which called for a shirt no bigger than a large-perfect!  I had a medium shirt with a hole in it that was probably about ready for the trash other wise.

The tutorial I found on pinterest was at the bcheniful blog for an infinity t-shirt scarf. I started off with my old shirt...
The instructions were very simple-I cut the shirt into long strips, and tied them together.  Truly all I needed was the t-shirt and scissors.  I expected the cuts in the shirt to be a little straighter (my lines looked like I was in kindergarten-lol).  Perhaps I should invest in sharper scissors should I continue with this obsession!  Here is my final product.

I am very pleased with the results-I got a new scarf, and it didn't cost me a dime!

On a side note, the writer of the blog said it only took her about 20 minutes to make her scarf.  Perhaps because I am a beginner, or maybe my dull scissors slowed me down, but it took me closer to 45 minutes.

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