Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lions Paw

I have been searching for another object to carve for my next letterbox that would be nice looking, but doesn't involve a lot of detail work since I don't have any "real" tools-just an exacto knife.  I decided on a paw print of some sort-so I searched the web for paw prints, and chose the lions paw.

My first step to printing an image is to print the same image in a few different sizes.  I do this so that when I get the image printed out, I can cover it with my eraser to pick the best size.  After I find the image that is the perfect size, I color it in with pencil.
Next I press my eraser onto the image to get the lead to transfer to the eraser...
...and carefully flip the paper over so that I can press the paper directly onto the stamp.  I try my hardest not to move the paper around so that the transferred image does not smudge.
Here is the transferred image.  If it is not dark enough, you can easily use the pencil and color directly on the eraser itself to darken the image.  There are some lighter areas on this one, but not light enough that it is would be necessary for me to go over it again.
Next I use the exacto knife to carve away the non-shaded area.  The best tip I remember reading in reference to carving is to angle the exacto knife away from the the shaded area.  Don't carve straight down either.  By angling away, it improves the strength of the stamp, and will help it last longer.  
Here is the stamp all carved.
Next, I get to check and see how the image looks on paper.  Ink it up...
Press hard onto the paper so you get a good transfer.
Finished product!  I don't think I want to touch it up this time-I am pleased with the carve!
Side by side with the stamp...
So cute-just wanted to see what it would look like if used as a pattern!
Now I just need to get a box together, and find a location to hide the stamp.

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