Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Skip Day?

Yesterday was a bad day diet-wise.  I woke just not feeling it.  I didn't feel like eating breakfast, so I didn't.  And then when we stopped at the donut shop, there were no good choices there, so I had 2 small kolaches (sausage rolls)-about 250 calories each.
And then it was lunch time.  We stopped at Jersey Mike's-a delicious sandwich shop.  Here, I at least attempted to act like I was on a diet-I got unsweet tea, no chips, and I chose the sandwich with the fewest calories-turkey and provolone.  But I got the large and loaded it up with toppings and oil and vinegar.  By the time I was done, I had eaten 850 calories and 46 grams of fat.  In one meal!
Since I had already gone over my 1200 calorie limit before I even ate dinner, and I knew I couldn't skip a meal (I would be incredibly cranky if I even attempted that), I just ate what I wanted again-a big helping of goulash, salad, bread, and a slice of spice cake.

But, instead of viewing the day as "the end", I am viewing it as one day.  A day I failed to plan.  A bump in the road.  Today is a new day.  A do over.  A day to re-learn discipline.  A day to get back right to where I was, and push forward.  I am in this for the results-and one day will not finish me off.  Here's to a new day!

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