Monday, February 27, 2012

My Phone's Camera

As I am sure you can tell from the pictures I post on this blog, I am not a photographer.  The pictures I use are just simple snapshots I take from my phone.  They are good enough for me and for my usage.  Today at work I am at the front desk for a couple hours, which means I answer the phones and welcome people into the office.  There is a lot of down time, though, so I decided to play with the features my phone has to offer in terms of the camera.  I decided to try out each and every feature of a flower on the desk here.  Here is what I took:
First-with no special effects:
Depth of Field:
Vintage Warm:
Vintage Cold:
It's hard to believe I have had this phone since October and had never used these feaatures before.  Some of my favorites (at least while taking a picture of these flowers), are posterize, sepia, depth of field, and vignette.  Maybe I will start to use these features more often if I think about it!

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