Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving Down!

I am so glad I am finally over being sick for the most part (I have a touch of a runny nose and cough that is still lingering, but feel fine otherwise), and glad I am no longer feeling super-hungry due to my meds, which had something to stimulate my hunger.

Once I seemed to get over being sick, I started seeing the scale change again-which is a huge sense of relief for me!  In a way the diet seems to be getting easier-I just know what I am supposed to be eating, and for the most part, I do it.  But in a way, it is still difficult.  Today, for instance-there was a buffet style lunch at the conference I was at-and they had tacos with nacho cheese, enchiladas, mac & cheese, and numerous desserts to choose from. But I knew that for dinner I was going to be eating barbecue-another one of my favorites-and so I made myself choose well-large portion of veggies, small portion of chicken, and plain rice, along with some unsweet tea.
Meals like this seem to be paying off-not only am I seeing a difference on the scale, but I checked my measurements this weekend, and I am down an inch!  I can't wait to get to Milestone #2!

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