Thursday, September 20, 2012

Royal Thai

For Date Night this week, we hopped in the Jeep, and started driving.  We wound up in North Dallas-one of our favorite date night spots.  We decided on a Thai restaurant that we enjoy-Royal Thai.  In fact, I have blogged about this restaurant before.  I was feeling a little adventurous tonight (perhaps driving around with the top down gave me the edge I needed?), so I planned to order the Gaeng Ped Yang-roasted duck with some veggies and pineapple.  But at the last minute I chickened out-would the jalapeno be too much for me to handle?  I decided on the Pad Woon Sen.  I ordered mine with the chicken rather than the shrimp.  It was a great choice!  My hubby had his favorite here-Royal Thai Beef.  I had a taste because it is so yummy.
After eating we stopped by the 2 places we always do when we are up this way-World Market and Central Market.  (And by the way, still no luck finding Pumpkin Pie Soda at Central Market-it is beginning to look like I may be disappointed this year!)  It was a fun evening, but we had to make it home quickly so my hubby could pack for a short missions trip to Oregon.

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