Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Dreaded Treadmill

I don't like treadmills.  I would much rather run on a track or outdoors.  But when I arrived at the gym today, and knowing that my Map My Run app would not track distance since I don't get a signal in the gym, I figured it would be better to get on a treadmill today.  12 times around the track equals a mile-there was no way I could remember that count with as tired as I was.  While the run was certainly not one of my favorites, it was nice that I could set the speed to where I wanted it, and "force" myself to run that speed for a while.  It turned out being a decently paced run; I probably ran faster than I would have had I chosen the track.  Maybe I will use the treadmill more often than I originally thought.

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