Saturday, September 22, 2012

My First Running 5K

Well, I did it!  I got up this morning and drove to Ft. Worth for my first 5K (yes, I know I did a 5K last October, but I walked that one).  I won a free entry yesterday into the Metro Run 55.  Metro (aka Ft. Worth Metro) is a missions organization that helps inner city kids-and while I was excited to receive a free entry, I know that this event is a fundraiser for Metro, so I asked my son if he wanted to run, too, that way I would feel like at least I was donating something!  Here he is-I took a quick snapshot of him right after I completed my 5 kilometers (he finished much quicker than I did!)
And then a lady from our church who was volunteering at the event offered to take our picture together.
Once everyone finished the race (6 times around the large campus, with a few lives bands playing along the way), the prizes and awards started.
This little girl got first place for the 7 and under category-too cute!
Here is my son being called up to receive his bobblehead award-he got first place in his age category-although he can't remember his time.  I am hoping they post the race results online at some point so I can see what his time was.

Here he is with an up close of the bobblehead trophy.  In the background you can see the race t-shirts.  They look even brighter in real life-it will be great for me when I run in the dark!
After the awards were over, we were told we could look at the race results.  I just took a picture because I knew I would forget otherwise.  As you can see, my name is at the very bottom.  I finished 7th (aka last) in my age category at 38:45.6.  According to my Map My Run app, that was a 12:29 pace.  While I am sure many will look at my time and think how slow that is, I am very proud of myself.  My goal was to finish-without walking, and pushing as fast as I could.  And I did it!  Two more months till the next 5K and I hope my next one is even better.

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