Friday, September 21, 2012

Am I Ready for a 5K?

Tonight I was just sitting in my chair, relaxing, and checking my facebook.  Buddy, the guy that is organizing a 5K tomorrow-the Metro Run 55-posted on his facebook that he was giving away a free entry to the race for the first person to guess his daughter's birthday.  I guessed a date in the spring, along with many other people guessing.  Finally, when no one  was able to pinpoint the date exactly, he gave a clue-it was in the summer.  I chose a summer date, and I was again wrong.  Then my hubby (who was on a layover in Portland at the moment) saw the posts, and typed in the right date. I asked who he was going to give the entry to since he was not here to run it himself-and Buddy let him give it to me!  Yay!
Wait a minute!  What?  Did I just agree to run a 5k?  As in, tomorrow morning?!?  How am I even ready for this?  I mean, I run every other day, but the 5K I am training for is not even until late November.  And I skipped my run today because I just couldn't see getting up at 4AM.  Ready or not...tomorrow morning is going to come awfully early!

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