Monday, September 24, 2012

Metro 55 Update

So apparently I should have waited just a little bit to blog about my 5K.  You see, the organizers posted pictures from the run on facebook.  Oh, well.  A second blog about the same thing can't be all that bad-especially if it is picture-dense!  Here are some of the pictures I "stole" from Buddy's facebook that either me or my son (or both of us) are in somewhere-in this first pic we are wayyyyyy in the back (sorry if there are any duplicates):

Buddy's wife blogged about the day here-neat blog-worth the read!

And, best of all, the results have now been posted online, here!  I do have to say, I was excited to see the results.  I had taken a picture of the results page at the event for my category, and I was at the very bottom-7th place.  Turns out, there was another page of runners behind me-they just couldn't all fit.  So, the good news is I wasn't 7 out of 7-I was 7 out of 19!  How is that for a confidence boost?  And my son-we already knew he came in first in his category, but now we have his time:  27:22!

I am a little sore, but already contemplating another 5K possibility before my Turkey Day Run.  This really is addicting!

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