Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Missions Trip to Moldova

Several ladies from work led a missions trip to Moldova for 2 weeks.  (I had to ask where Moldova was located because I had no clue.  It was a part of the former USSR, near Russia.)  They came back with lots of neat stories, and it sounds like they had a great trip.  One of my co-workers brought back some tasty cookies they found in Moldova for us to try.  They tasted kind of like a Trefoil (Girl Scout cookie) flavored with chocolate, and stuffed with Nutella.Yum!
As part of the culture in Moldova, the women were expected to wear scarves on their heads, so they purchased many scarves while there.  Another co-worker brought me back a pretty scarf that I am sure will get a lot of wear this winter!  (Also-and completely unrelated-I am wearing a bracelet that my hubby brought me back from Haiti.)

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