Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cafe Izmir

Thursday is date night!  When I had realized on Tuesday that Starbucks had their Pumpkin Spice Latte's out, I figured Central Market would have their Pumpkin Pie Soda's out, so I wanted to go to north Dallas for date night so we could swing by Central Market.  I had my heart set on a neat little German restaurant, but we got sidetracked, and left much later than we had planned-and the little German restaurant was closed by the time we got there.  I suggested we drive down upper Greenville Avenue, and when we saw a place that looked good we should stop.  Not too far down the way, we saw Cafe Izmir-a Mediterranean restaurant, and decided to stop in.  It was nice little restaurant-the seating was cozy, and everything was real close together.  It had only 2 dining rooms, and was busy the whole time we were there, despite being kind of late.  The artwork around the restaurant was all for sale, and we even observed the artist describing his masterpieces to some customers.  It was all modern art style-stuff that looks like a 4 year old could do-but it definitely added to the ambiance.

Our waitress asked if it was our first time, and since it was, she explained that all of the menu items were small-so you order several things and share and taste.  To start, we ordered pita bread a hummus.  They had several types of hummus to choose from (one was called "Date Night" hummus, and it had no garlic), but we just chose the regular.  It was really good!

When our meal arrived, we had a lot to try-saffron rice, chicken kabobs, beef kabobs, lamb rolls, cabbage rolls, and falafel.  My favorites for the night were probably the chicken and beef kabobs and the falafel.  I was disappointed in the cabbage rolls.  The sauce that topped it was just too spicy for me to eat.  So much food, I was necessarily able to finish everything, but I did get to try everything.  What a great first experience trying Mediterranean food!  I will definitely add this restaurant to my list to come back to!

I was so distracted by my company, and the good food that I forgot to take any pictures.  However, when I went to the ladies room, I saw this over the sink, and just had to take a picture for fear no one would believe what I saw.  I guess it is for those who choose the regular hummus as opposed the to the Date Night hummus.
Oh, and as a side note, we visited Central Market after eating dinner, but they didn't yet have their first shipment of Pumpkin Pie soda.  I guess we will have to come back in a few weeks.

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  1. We were introduced to Eatzi's in Dallas a few months ago. It is a market/bakery/eatery. I've only been there for dessert (which was amazing), but the food all looked really, really good. You can google it for the locations...I think there are several, if you are interested! :)