Thursday, July 19, 2012

Youth Camp Day 4

My time at youth camp today was split.  I arrived in time this morning to help get everyone ready for super hero day, attend a worker meeting, and had to leave for work as they were starting cabin time/devotions.  After work, I arrived just in time to prepare for the big race at camp-the Iron Man.  The highlight of the night happened after the Iron Man- our church took communion together.  Another great day!  I can't believe that we have to pack up to go home tomorrow!  Camp always goes by so fast!

In no particular order, here is today's picture recap:

The student with the flag is ready to run to final leg of the iron man.
Missionaries to the college campus spoke briefly during staff meeting:
One of the female counselors going down the water slide:
Green team running the Iron Man:
All dressed up for super hero day:
My hubby, aka Mr Incredible:
The girls who dressed in Batman garb:
Ready for super hero day:
Free time:
Letter to the deans:
Super hero bib:
Cutting a table cloth to make super hero capes:
More Iron Man competition:
Getting ready to start cabin devotions:
The meeting of the green team:
Just hanging out:
Ready for communion:
Super hero day:

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