Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rain at Girls Camp

Getting ready for the day on Friday, I put on my boots and jeans-I knew I was headed to Girls Camp, and during my break I planned to go on a trail ride.
But, unfortunately, just about the time for me to head to the horses, I noticed the sky was getting dark, and it was really windy out.  A fast moving storm came through-there was some seriously heavy rain!  No trail ride for me.
During the downpour, everyone stayed put-mostly in the dining hall.  Once it was over, it was free time-which meant time to play outside-putt putt golf, carpet ball, and the playground-among some of the choices.  But since the ground was completely wet, we brought all the girls inside, and played some fun games.  I was so glad we had several college-aged students for this camp to lead the games.

Once the games were over, we showed "The Incredibles".  Last camp we showed the movie at the outdoor ampitheatre, but this time around, we showed it inside.

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