Sunday, July 15, 2012

Munster Mansion

Several letterboxes were planted in the metroplex this weekend-all within a few miles of each other.  The first was a clue for the Munster Mansion-a family has built a replica of the Munster Mansion-and actually lives there.  We first looked for the mansion...
...which is open for tours during the month of October, by the way....and then sought out the letterbox which was just down the road from here.  We were the first finders (this may be a first for us!), and the planter included a prize for the first 5 finders-a LTC (letterbox trading card)-which is also a first for us.

I kept thinking how perfect the weather was for finding this box-it was overcast and thundering really loudly. You can see a dark cloud over the Munster Mansion in the picture above.  Almost out of nowhere the rain began-and it was like someone turned on a water faucet full blast-it was just pouring down-I think I have heard this kind of rain called a gully washer before.  We couldn't find the other 3 letterboxes in this weather, so we'll have to try again next weekend.

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