Sunday, July 29, 2012

East Buffet Chinese Cuisine & Sushi

After church today, we stopped for lunch at East Buffet Chinese Cuisine & Sushi.  My hubby and I love Chinese food-but there are few Chinese restaurants that we are impressed by in our area.  This restaurant is relatively new, so we figured we should give it a try.

Overall, I was very impressed.  Despite not arriving until after 2:00-way after the lunch crowd was gone, the food on the buffet was still hot and fresh.  The egg rolls were tasty-something that I have noticed is harder and harder to find.  I did not over-indulge today-my stomach was hurting before we arrived due to drinking way too much caffeine. I did try the sweet and sour chicken (perfect, by the way) and the fried rice and lo mein (also very tasty).  At the moment, whatever veggie I tried has slipped from my memory, but I assure it was great, as well-I ate everything on my plate.

My second trip up I chose a slice of watermelon, a small piece of cheesecake, and some chocolate pudding.  Much to my surprise-and approval-each of these items were cold.  There is a tendency at buffets for the cold items to be served more room temperature.  Next time I visit, I won't order the water-it has that "dirt" taste that most Midlothian restaurants tend to have in their water-but I won't hold that against the restaurant.

The odd thing to me was the fortunes.  My oldest son's read, "Everyone has ambition."  Not much of a fortune.  Here are mine and my husbands:

This is a restaurant we will be back to.  I'll just hope they start buying their fortune cookies from a different place!

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