Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Trail Ride

My hubby is on staff at a cowboy church, and yet I have only been on a horse once in my life-when I was in elementary school.  I love watching the activities in the arena, but feel incredibly inadequate when it comes to actually doing anything with the animals.  So when I realized that we would have the opportunity to go on a short trail ride while at Girls Camp, I jumped at the chance-it would be a great place to learn a little bit without completely embarrassing myself in front of people who have been riding horses since before they knew how to walk.

The trail ride was about 15 to 20 minutes, and due to the storm the night before, the horses had downed trees and branches to step over.  I rode on a horse named Tucker.  The wrangler told me Tucker was obese-she said a horses weight is assigned a number 1 though 9, and Tucker was a 9.  The ride was fun-we went through the woods up and down some hills, and around corners.  We had to stop a few times for downed trees-the wrangler had to move them some so the horses could step over them.  We got some great pictures, too-I am the one in the green shirt in these pictures:

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