Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Day Off

A couple weeks ago our business administrator at work asked the employees if we would rather have the day off today as opposed to yesterday in honor of Independence Day.  Since choosing today allowed us a 4 day weekend, everyone requested today.

I have really enjoyed my day off today.  I slept in, and just relaxed in the morning.  Then this afternoon, we drove down to visit my in-laws.  My hubby's aunt happened to be in town, too.  She was traveling through town.  She has been on a road trip, and she told us that she has been putting bumper stickers on her car.  She said everywhere she goes she gets so many compliments, smiles, and waves.

I ended my day off by visiting some friends while we were in town.  It felt so good to have an extra day off with no major plans.

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