Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Merry Toppins

Every year at youth camp, there is always a special treat for the youth pastors wives-one year we had a book exchange, and another year we had a pool party.  This year, we were treated to dessert-we visited Merry Toppins-a local frozen yogurt place.  I do not frequent ice cream shops-I don't have a sweet tooth, and usually after 4 or 5 bites I am pretty much done, so this was my first time to visit this store.  You grab your cup, and fill it with however much soft serve frozen yogurt you want-they probably had 15 flavors to choose from.  I selected chocolate-my favorite ice cream flavor.  And then on to the toppings...what a huge selection!  I chose pecans and little bits of cheesecake.  Had I known there was cheesecake, I might have skipped the frozen yogurt altogether, and enjoyed just cheesecake-yum!  And then I saw the hot fudge-why, yes, don't mind if I do! There was also fruit to add, but why make it appear healthy?  I skipped that!  When you get to the end of the line, you place your frozen yogurt on the scale.  You actually pay by the ounce, here-neat concept!

Here is what I enjoyed:
Like I said, I don't frequent ice cream shops.  However, if I am in town and have a desire for ice cream, this place would be at the top of my list to go to.  It tasted great, and I know that I can get as little (or as much) as I want.

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