Saturday, July 14, 2012

Girls Camp

Today I got back from a working weekend-Girls Camp.  It was a great time!  We were at a new camp in Dallas, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  The camp had so much to offer.

Waiting for dinner:
The store staff and the nurse
Dinner time:
The Supergirlz Speakers Team:
Praise and Worship:
Clothespin Game:
The little cabin I stayed in:

Another game:
The speaker with "Boo": 
Love the t-shirts!
Bottle Game:
Exploring the coffee house:

Basketball court:
BB Gun range:
Archery Range:
Ropes Course:

Paintball Course:

Hiking around campus:

Craft time-making bracelets: 
Practicing sign language: 
More Games:
Sign Language Program:
Service time:
Swimming Pool:
Petting Zoo:
Horse Riding:
Outdoor Movie:
Praying over a missionary to Africa:
Crazy Hair Game:
Hay ride:

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