Monday, July 30, 2012

Mustangs, Stone Cows, and Hippos

After picking up a letterbox at the Mustangs of Las Colinas, the boys and I headed out to get a few more.
The second box we sought was Stone Cows.  There were 5 or so statues of cows at this location.  This letterbox was waterlogged!  Note to self-do not plant a letterbox in a pill bottle.  Really neat carve, though.

There was also the statue of Ben Carpenter at this same site, which happened to be the first clue for the next letterbox-Cowboy.

To find the actual letterbox for this one, we had to drive down the road to a hiking trail and enjoy a neat view of the river.
Next we went on to find Box #234.  This was in a neat little park that was in the center median of a residential area.

Next stop, Box #123, where we were almost discovered.  Therefore, this was the only picture I took!
After that, we went to look for Hippo Fantasia.  This was at Jaycee Park in Irving, which I wish was closer to our house.  There were ducks to feed, stone hippos in the water, a neat flower garden, and a nice tribute to fallen officers.  This letterbox was also a neat carve, but soaking wet-and again-it was in a pill bottle.

Letterbox #7 for today was Cemetery Cross:  Easter, located in Sowers Cemetery.  The clue referenced an "impressive monument".  In a cemetery full of nothing but your average size head stones, this monument was quickly noticed!
Our last stop for the evening was Cemetery Cross:  Christmas.  It was actually located on the property of DFW Airport, but you can't get to the actual cemetery since it is behind a chain link fence.  This was as close as I could get to the historical marker.  We quickly found our last letterbox of the day here.  It is rare that we search for multiple letterboxes all on the same day, and find every one of them.  

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