Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canning the Beach

A month ago, I finally got our pictures hung in the living room.  Ever since then, I have been thinking about what else to add to the decor to complete the beach look.  Last night, we went to the store to browse, and I came across a few things.  I ended up buying 2 pieces to hang on the wall.  More on those later-after I get them hung-I can't seem to find any nails at the moment.

While looking through the beach-themed decorations, I saw a few that looked simple enough to make myself, so I took a picture of each of them to remind me what to do later.  The first was the wine bottle with seashells and twine.  I brought home seashells from Galveston, so I have a ton of those.  We have 2 wine bottles at the house that currently have wine in them, and since we don't drink-just cook with wine-it will be a while before I have one ready.  I'll need to pick up some twine, too.

The second idea looked really simple-a canning jar with sand, seashells, and twine.  For this project all I needed was sand and twine.

Tonight while we were walking around World Market, we saw their beach decorations, and they just happened to have a small bag of sand which was tied shut with twine.  I promptly bought it, and came home and made my own jar.  You can't see it in the picture, but there is also a small piece of driftwood that I added to the jar.  It was a simple, neat project!

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