Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Green Chile, Bacon, and Cheese Egg Bake

My work schedule is a little different this week.  I am working just a few hours during the work week, but this weekend I will make up for it at Girls Camp.  Both yesterday and today I have enjoyed sleeping in.  It has been wonderful!

But when I do wake up, it seems, well, odd.  Why am I at home?  Shouldn't I be at work?  I figured I should take advantage of these days while they are happening and do things I don't normally get a chance to do.  Like make a breakfast casserole.  I normally wouldn't make one on a weekday because my morning would be too rushed, and because the rest of my family would still be asleep and not able to enjoy it until it had completely cooled off.  I had pinned a breakfast casserole recipe on pinterest a few weeks back, thinking, "some day...".  Well, that day has arrived!

To me, most breakfast casseroles are basically the same.  Why did I pin this recipe?  The very name of the entree should give it away : Green Chile, Bacon, and Cheese Egg Bake.  I am a sucker for green chiles.  They just have so much flavor-anytime I see a recipe where the green chile is a major player, I usually peruse the recipe (and typically think "some day").  

This recipe was really simple-mix together the green chile and shredded cheese and form it into a crust.  Then mix together the eggs, milk, and flour, and pour it into the crust.  I thought this recipe to be a little odd-only 4 eggs, but 3 whole cups of milk?  A full cup of flour?  I have to admit, I had my doubts.  And my mixture was lumpy because of the flour-praying that didn't matter too much!  Next comes the bacon.  Ooops!  How did I forget to pick up bacon?  And there was no sausage in the freezer either!  My meat of choice quickly became lunch meat-ham and turkey-chopped up, and then sprinkled over the top.

After 40 minutes baking in the oven, I got to taste it.  Yum!  The green chiles gave it a really tasty flavor!  Glad I pinned this recipe!  The lunch meat surely didn't do justice to what bacon would have.  I'll need to make sure I have bacon next time!  Overall, great recipe!  I am adding this to my list to make again-should I have another morning like this again!

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